Fonts in use

// Design parameter II: Fonts and identity levels

The font analysis shows which different fonts are used on the landing pages and to what extent these fonts are used. In order to obtain a precise assessment of the use of the fonts, a weighting takes place according to the amount of text. In addition, the font analysis only considers fonts that are displayed on the landing page. So-called fallback fonts are not part of the font analysis.

With regard to non-roman fonts, only fonts that have been declared in the CSS can be included. Some landing pages that use non-roman fonts do not have a CSS declaration. These landing pages are not included in the font analysis.

01 core

02 open


03 pay


04 corporate

The identity level is based on the following hypothesis: The higher the identity level, the more fonts there are to choose from. The more fonts there are to choose from, the more pronounced the possibility of strengthening the identity by means of differentiation.
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