Corporations, culural regions and countries

This website provides an overview of the current scope of the data collected as well as further information on the implementation of the data collection. The focus of the data collection is the analysis of corporate landing pages. The above figures show the currently analyzed corporate landing pages of the associated companies in the respective industries.

At this early stage of data collection, the selection of companies and industries does not follow any particular pattern. The aim is first to collect enough data to create a database of sufficient size for design analyses. Subsequently, it is to be examined whether on the basis of the collected data a statement about industry-specific design parameters (wireframe layouts, dominant colors and fonts in use) can be made.

Corporations and Industries

An overview of the distribution of the analyzed companies by industries. The size of the rectangular areas represents the number of landing pages.

For the design analysis of the landing pages, it was important to include as many cultural regions as possible. Based on Huntington (1996), 9 cultural regions were defined. In order to keep the design analysis within a feasible time frame, 35 countries were selected that represent all 9 cultural regions. The following table gives an overview of the selected cultural regions and countries.

Selected countries for design analysis

For the design analysis of the landing pages, 35 countries in 9 different cultural regions were selected.

For a comprehensive overview, the company landing pages in 35 countries were examined. These 35 nations represent nine different cultural areas. A broad global and cultural selection of landing pages increases the visibility of differences or similarities between the landing pages of different companies as well as between landing pages of the same company in different countries.

The selection of individual nations focused on maximizing the cultural variance and economic strength of each nation. Included in this selection are largest economies that represent the largest markets, with approximately four billion consumers.

cultural regions countries



european euro germany de
france fr
italy it
united kingdom uk
spain es
poland pl
sweden se
anglo-american an-am united states us
canada ca
austral-european au-eu australia au
sino-japanese si-ja china cn
japan jp
korea kr
hong kong hk
taiwan tw
southeast asian se-as thailand th
philippines ph
singapore sg
indonesia id
latin-american la-am mexico mx
brazil br
argentina ar
venezuela ve
islamic isla turkey tr
saudi arabia sa
algeria dz
pakistan pk
egypt eg
iran ir
israel il*
indian indi india in
slavic slav russia ru
african afri nigera ng
angola ao
south africa za

*Israel is not an islamic country, but based on Huntington (1996) it was assigned to the islamic cultural area. Civilizations according to Huntington (1996) The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, Simon and Schuster, New York.

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