Design similarity

// Design parameter III: Landing page length

The length in pixels is used as a rough measure of the similarity of a company's landing page design. The measurement of design similarity based on landing page length is based on the following assumptions: A deviation in the content of landing pageof one and the same company content entails a deviating design of this content. If the landing pages of one and the same company have different content, this will affect the length of the web page. It follows that a different length of landing pages indicates a different design.

In addition, image analysis algorithms for calculating color similarity and structural similarity were used to measure the similarities of landing page designs. It turned out to be extremely problematic that the similarities between two landing page designs calculated by the algorithms sometimes deviate strongly from the similarity of the landing page designs as perceived by a human being. For this reason, no further experiments on measuring design similarity based on image analysis algorithms will be continued for the time being.

Similarity by length of landing pages

Each individual circle represents the length of a landig page for each country at a width of 1350px.

Based on the assumptions made in advance, the low variation in the lengths of the landing pages indicates a rather uniform design. A comparison with the dominant color wireframes confirms this. The "similarity by landing page length" method is a very rough approximation to measuring the similarity of landing pages and requires further investigation.
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