Where Data Meets Design: An Overview of Multifaceted Web-Based Projects

Data collection, analysis, and visualization as data-driven, web-based projects with Python
abstract data visualization of the html structures of selected web pages Generated with Leonardo.ai

Welcome to an overview of multifaceted data projects and web-based projects that aim to make the complex simple and the invisible visible. Each project presented here is grounded in the realms of data collection, analysis, and visualization, blending techniques with intuitive design. Built using Python’s Flask Web framework and styled with Bootstrap’s open-source CSS framework, these Fullstack web applications offer an insight into the transformative power of data.

Donald Says: the latest buzz about Donald Trump

Donald Says isn’t just another data point on the ubiquitous coverage of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States. Instead, it offers an analytical deep dive into how media portrays him. By sifting through U.S. news feeds, the application highlights the latest headlines, article frequency, and trending buzzwords related to Trump. In a novel twist, the media coverage of Trump is represented akin to a stock market index, where the “shares” are the buzzwords.

Berlin re:tweets: Trending Tweets and Hashtags from the german Bundestag

Shift the focus from U.S. politics to the German parliament with Berlin re:tweets. Updated every 15 minutes, this web application tracks and analyzes the Twitter activity of nearly 500 members of the Bundestag, offering a up to date pulse on political conversations in Berlin. Whether you want an overview of trending tweets and hashtags or you are interested in the Twitter behavior of specific politicians, “Berlin re:tweets” captures the Twitterverse of contemporary German politics in a series of compelling visualizations.

Framing Indentities: exploring and comparing corporate web design

Taking a detour into the corporate world, Framing Identities presents a comparative analysis of company websites across industries and cultures. Rooted in my experience at Alyseon, a startup in the nutraceutical sector, this project condenses design into key parameters like layout, dominant colors, and typography. The objective? To enable more strategic design choices, thereby better distinguishing your brand in a cluttered marketplace. This approach is further explored in my Bachelor’s thesis, “Branding Lindin5”.

Beyond these projects, you’ll also find a series of other works exploring varied applications of data visualization and analysis. Some of these are outcomes of my involvement with the Data Literacy sector and Web Services at the Faculty of Sociology at the University of Bielefeld.

Research Sociology: the research of the Sociology at Bielefeld University

Research Sociology serves as a web portal for the Faculty of Sociology at the University of Bielefeld. More than a mere display of academic output, it amplifies the visibility of ongoing research projects and published works. This enhanced visibility, enabled through automated Python webscraping, is crucial for attracting essential third-party funding, thereby supporting continued scholarly innovation.