Fonts in use

Font Name Corporations Identity Level
Aktiv Grotesk Firstborn 3
Allianz Neo Allianz 4
Allianz Sans Allianz 4
Apercu Mono Firstborn 3
Arial Allianz, Chubb, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, KPMG International 1
Benton Sans JPMorgan Chase & Co. 3
Book Antiqua Chubb 3
Brawler Wolf Olins 2
Calibri Chubb 3
Camphor Chermayeff & G. & H. 3
Credit Agricole Credit Agricole 4
DM Landor 2
Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank 4
EY Interstate Ernst & Young 4
FF Real Text Pro Edenspiekermann 3
Fago Meta Design 3
GS Univers Goldman Sachs 4
Ge SS Credit Agricole 2
Georgia Chubb, Ernst & Young 1
Giorgio Sans KPMG International 3
Graphik Accenture, Bain & Company 3
Helvetica Neue Price Waterhouse Coopers 3
Henderson BCG Sans Boston Consulting Group 4
ING Me Ing Diba 4
ITC Charter Price Waterhouse Coopers 3
Lato Credit Agricole 2
Meiryo Bain & Company 2
Monospace Ernst & Young 2
Montserrat Société Générale 3
MyFirstFont Allianz 2
Nanum Gothic Goldman Sachs 2
Neue Haas Pentagram 3
Noto Ernst & Young, KPMG International 2
Open Sans Credit Agricole, Landor 2
Oswald Booz Allen Hamilton 2
Pingfang Allianz 2
Poppins Wolf Olins 2
Proxima Allianz 3
Publico Chubb 3
Replica Sagmeister & Walsh 3
Roboto Credit Agricole, Ernst & Young 2
Sabon Goldman Sachs 3
Scala Sans Booz Allen Hamilton 3
Source Sans Pro Société Générale 3
Tajawal Allianz 2
Tiempos Bain & Company 3
Univers Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs 3
Verdana Chubb 1
ヒラギノ角ゴ Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs 2
メイリオ Price Waterhouse Coopers 3
微软雅黑 Bain & Company, Price Waterhouse Coopers 2
微软雅黑体 Allianz, KPMG International 2

Identity Level01 core: web core fonts, 02: open: open fonts (google fonts i.e.), 03 pay: commercial fonts, 04 corporate: fonts specially designed for the corporation
The identity level is based on the following hypothesis: The higher the identity level, the more fonts there are to choose from. The more fonts there are to choose from, the more pronounced the possibility of strengthening the identity by means of differentiation.

Most used fonts

Most used identity level

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