Accenture ✕ KPMG

Compare the design of the two consulting companies.Learn more

Colorful or conservative

Chubb and Allianz – Two insurance companies, two designs.Learn more

Variance Allianz

The company with the most diverse landing pages design.Learn more

Cultural Alignment

Accenture has similar landing page design in all cultural regions.Learn more

The beautiful ones

An analysis of different design agencies.Learn more


Compare the landing page design of different corporations based on layout, dominant colors and font in use. How is it done?

Compare the Design

Website comparison by dominant colors and layout

Wireframes of respective corporate landing pages allow comparison of design based on layout and dominant colors for selected countries and cultural areas.

Learn more

Fonts in use

Provides an overview of which different core, open, pay, or corporate fonts a company uses on their respective corporate landing pages in different countries and cultural areas.

Learn more

Cultural regions and countries

A design analysis of the respective corporate landing pages in 35 countries and 9 cultural areas provides a comprehensive overview and highlights possible culture-specific differences.

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Websites analized


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