approximated design

An approximated design is a conceptual approach to developing layout variations. The different layout variations are generated on the basis of a genetic algorithm.

The front layout of the left packaging forms the basis for the development of various layouts. The first layout generation consists of random layout elements. During the development process, the layouts that are most similar to the base layout are recombined. This process repeats itself and generates layouts that approach the base layout continuously. The right-hand packaging shows an intermediate stage of the development process, an approximated design.

approximated designs

The figure above shows selected approximated designs or layouts from the development process. The picture below shows a generation of approximated designs. The similarity to the base layout can be seen in both illustrations.

generation of approximated designs

The generated layouts approach the base layout with each generation. The similarity value indicates how close the respective layout is to the basic layout. A value of zero means absolute similarity.

design evolution